SHEERFILL® Architectural and FABRASORB® Acoustical Membranes

Saint-Gobain, a pioneer in the development of permanent architectural membranes, with 40 years' experience. 


More and more architects are capitalizing on the structural versatility of SHEERFILL® and FABRASORB® fabric membranes from Saint-Gobain. Proven in the construction of the most stunning, energy efficient sport facilities, transportation terminals and landmark buildings as well as short span structures like canopies and skylights, SHEERFILL Architectural Membranes allow almost complete freedom of design.

A feature to our web site includes an "Image Center" whereby you can view enlarged images of the various SHEERFILL® and FABRASORB® membrane products used in structures found all over the world. 
"The Name Behind the Landmarks" -- SHEERFILL® architectural and FABRASORB® acoustical membrane products.  See our latest brochure detailing 40 plus years of technical expertise and experience.
Our new self-cleaning TiO2 coating addresses the problem of smoke, smog, dust and dirt -- keeping SHEERFILL® membrane surfaces looking bright as the day installed.

Forever clean, forever green with EverClean® Coating Technology

EverClean Coating Technology

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